25 August 2013

A quiet birthday (cough cough)

(sitting outside Heirloom Antiques watching the train,
 a bit puffy faced from coughing for a week!!)

I caught a horrid virus going around last Friday, and have been down all week.  I slept Tuesday and Wednesday, just too sick to do anything.  I am missing my morning walks, but the bronchitis make it impossible for now.  Hubby is down with it, too.  So birthday was very quiet.  Candy, however, would allow it to pass without some celebrating.

She lured me to dinner at Serendipity.  Then, we took a walk down Main Street, watched people having fun window shopping and watching the train coming down the center of the street.  Everyone has their phone of snapping away when it comes through.

I didn't feel too great, but it was a fun evening and raised my spirits.  She also had a cake for me-- white with butter cream and red roses.  How lovely!

(Miz Candy, looking a lot like her sister Dawn)

Today, we went to The Copper Awnings parking lot sale.  They had all their dealers there making great deals.  I just wanted to look (famous last words...lol).  I came hone with a truck load of amazing finds.

My best treasure is this 19th Century Queen Anne Secretary.  I also found two brass flower pot covers, a flower cart, a basket, two end tables, a lighthouse painting for Candy, two concrete garden leprechauns, and a recliner/rocker for her and Addie.

So despite being very sick all week, the weekend was very lovely.

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