16 August 2013

Car license tags, antiquing and other adventures in downtown La Grange.

Sitting at Serendipity enjoying the beautiful day after dashing madly about for various errands.   The day was warmer than Thursday, but still quite glorious.  We stopped by to renew the license on the truck and car.  The Court House is so beautiful.  We love pausing to sit on the benches in the shady maple trees.



Spotting a neat Harley parked at the Court House

We lunched at Serendipity

Candy posting by the train beside Rainy Days.

Candy hiding in Rainy Days after flashing her new jeans at a driver...lol

We found some great things are The Bargain Rack and The Copper Awning both.

The GIANT Mickey Mouse Clock came from The Bargain Rack, What I am going to do with a 2 foot MM Clock I don't know, but I couldn't resist.

Some great buys on lawn furniture.  These items came for The Copper Awning.

Rocking Horse in the window of Absolutely Fabulous.  They are hosting a fashion show tonight.  Hum...what trouble will be get into next?? lol

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