23 August 2013

Say hello to new family members

Say hello to my third stay cat, Bootsy.  Miss Mouthy has been with us since last April.  Algie came in the summer and is now the carport cat.  Last winter a stray came begging food and I couldn't turn him away.  Algie and he do not get along, but I am juggling them to keep them apart for now.  They don't know it, but they are going to be bunk mates this winter.  He is the sweetest kitty and my heart breaks when he looks at me like "no one loves me, no one cares if I starve"....well, I care.  He's getting fat now and comes to the door every evening for dindin.  Bootsy has a forever home.

and if it isn't enough that I have another kitty....

Candy has adopted a baby boy named Addie.

About three months ago, Candy discovered that a mama cat was using an abandoned house next to hers that is going to be torn down.  She has one kitten and was using a hole in the foundation to live with her baby.  But then she went away and didn't come back.  Candy had been feeding them both, hoping to get them out of the house before it had to be torn down.  Since he was dependent upon Candy, he quickly made her mom cat.  As of earlier this month, he got his forever home, too.

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