22 August 2013

Last Friday on the town and dinner at Serendipity

Me being perfectly still and trying not to laugh at Candy's antics behind the camera
couldn't hold it in...mwahahhaa

Looks innocent does she??  Never trust that little grin

Here she is in Serendipity

Look how skinny she is now!!!


you can dine outside on the open air patio ( did I mention they make THE best burger in town??)

They have an old fashioned ice cream parlor

They offer so many beautiful gifts, Jim Shore and even local talent.





It'is a wonderland!!  I cannot wait to see it decorated for Christmas!

It's a handmade candy store, ice cream parlor, cafe that seves you inside, on the sidewalk or patio...it's magic stop that lets you step back into a bygone era.


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