15 August 2013

Trainspotting in La Grange on a perfect day

Sitting outside of my fav cafe - Serendipity on a glorious morning, trainspotting, and plotting my next Sisters of Colford Hall novel, Some Things Never Change, with Candy Thompson

The day was perfect, one of those glorious ones that you wish you could bottle and sell.  We did our 4 miles walk, stopped by City Hall to register to vote.

We shopped at Serendipity (and later returned for a great lunch), then moved on to Rainy Day where Debbie helped me find jeans for skinny Candy. 

 Wal-mart was next - for fertilizer and weedkiller for the lawn.  Finally ended up at The Bargain Rack.  Ah, we do our share to support hometown Main Street Shops.

During a two hours period this morning, we had seven different trains 
coming down Main Street.


Candy Thompson said...

Yes! It was such a lovely day and we had such a great time!!! This town is so wonderful! So much to see and do! We always have such a great time on our walks!!! :)

Deborah Macgillivray said...

I am so thrilled to see the day visitors coming to town. With The Train Festival, the Scarecrow Invasion, Ghost tours, and Ghost stories on Main Street, the fun is just starting.