11 June 2014

Off to dance with the fairies

Well, Candy and I were dressed for the opening of the Renfaire - but had to stop by the Farmers and Artisans Market in the town square.  Needless to say to Medieval ladies showing up on the lovely morning caused quite the stir.  We were laughing our heads off at the stir we caused.

Time to see old friends...and get to spend a few quiet moments before the fun begins

Mia and hubby, with Tara and Mark Reed

the fairies were happy to see everyone

time to do some shopping in Kim and Daniel Higgins, The Gilded Lily

Mark watching his lovely Tara

Ah, ha!!  Caught her hugging another man...well, another wizard!

Mark Reed (Marquise) charming the crowd.  He was there with bells on -- literally!!!


Candy watching the merriment.

A wonderful weekend had by all despite it being rather hot.

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