23 June 2014

Renfaire week four - Steampunk and more

Candy took three super pics of me in my new Jack Sparrow hat. 
(Thank you The Feather Place).
It was very hot again, in the middle 90s, but there was a good breeze on Sunday that made it easier to enjoy all the wonderful fun!

Candy looked smarking with her new pirate hat.  Bows and lace just screamed it was perfect for her.

First thing we took in another amazing and delightful performance of Tara and Mark Reed "Fool Hearty"  Each one is so special since the reaction to the coward modifies their repartee.

I had asked Tara if she had met Daniel Higgins, owner of The Gilded Lily, and she said no.  Naturally, Candy and I had to introduce them.

For several photos Tara behaved, but then the merriment broke out as she decided Daniel needed tickling.

We took in the Human Chess Match  

Blue side and their leader


Red side and their leader, Captain Amos

Where else can you see a Stormtrooper in a Kilt?


Where else can you see a Stormtrooper in a kilt in a twirling contest with a bounty hunter.  Stormtrooper won....lol


One of the funniest challenges was a brother vs sister in pushups.  And she nearly beat him.  But never fear - her brother lost to a gallant knight (boyfriend) who beat the brother in a dancing contest.
Blue side won...again...

We lunched on steak on a stick, a huge soft pretzel, and strawberry shortcake, and despite it being a hot weekend, it was a wonderful time had by all.

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