11 June 2014

A Pirating we will go - or rather went...

Second weekend of the Renfaire was very cool - barely mid 60s.  Still it was rather nice.  The crowds were smaller, but it really allows time to talk to our friend Tara and Mark Reed, Angie Greenwell, Dragon Bob and Rose (the lady with the healing hands).  She wasn't there the first weekend, so it was nice to chat with her.  She read One Snowy Knight and said she loved it.

A little boy stopped me and told me how he loved my pirate hat.  I purchased it from The Gilded Lady - knowing Daniel and Kim would have the perfect hat for Pirates Weekend.

Candy was a Pirate Faerie.  I swear she gets younger all the time!!

Even on a cloudy day, Tara provides the rainbow!


the magic of a child's delight in seeing a dragon


in front of the best candy store!!


lads into mischief

such great fun - only four more weekends and then the magic goes poof for another year.

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