20 July 2015

Publishing of Go Set A Watchman drives home a point for all authors to consider

The publishing of Go Set A Watchman is driving home this point vital to ALL authors -- plan ahead. We write and write and write, and I doubt few take time to consider what would happen to your works if you were suddenly not there, or too ill to handle your business decisions. Would you want someone selling your earlier works that were not polished or approved by you? Who would you want to control your books in the event you could not?
This is something we all need to seriously consider and take pro-active action in setting someone to control our rights, to handle business choices, and what you want never to see the light of day....

No time like the present to think about these things and make decision so that you rights and will be followed.

17 July 2015

Montlake promoting two of Dawn's books in Kindle

Kindle Users!!! Listen Up. Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing is running a promotion for two of Dawn’s books.
Beginning 7/14/2015, you will see the promotion here:http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=11782825011

100 Kindle Romances for $1.99 Each in the US marketplace, starting 7/14/2015 and running through 8/14/2015.

06 July 2015

ah, sadly, the Renfaire Closes....


Candy made Rondini Alexander a "mini me" doll and surprised him with it.
I think he was happy with his pint size version.



Rondini getting ready for his second performance of the day.


Daniel Higgins owner of The Gilded Lady came over and was checking out the Rondini doll.

Rondini and Daniel joking around

Daniel Higgins with Candy

Daniel with me

Me with Rondini, and um, Rondini...lol.  The real pictures were behind the camera where Daniel was doing everything he could to get us to crack up.

and no visit to the Renfaire would be complete without visiting with the gorgeous Tara Reed of Fool Hearty.

Well, the six weekends have come and gone.  Our Renny friends will move on to other venues.  Behind they leave love, laughter and memories to treasure until they come again next year.  We will go take Tara and Mark out for a farewell supper Wednesday.  So while it was a great day, it was a sad one, too.

29 June 2015

Kentucky Highland Renfaire weekend 5 - Tournament Weekend

Me in my medieval dress.  The day was glorious!  So wearing a gown was actually comfortable.

Candy all ready to go!

Always a pleasure to get to see Fool Hearty - Tara and Mark Reed, and visit with them between performances.  We just LOVE them!!

 Tara Reed with an adorable miss - Jessica Rook who plays Alice at the Renfaire.  But don't let those innocent faces fool you (no pun intended)!  Tara is running a clothes pin game - similar the old game where you stuck signs on peoples' backs saying - Kick Me?  Well, this involved a clothes pin with a message written on it.  And yes, Tara got me!  Here she involved Jessica to attempt to tag her daddy, Jeff, in the Macleod kilt.


Ut oh!  They are trying to tag Marquise now!

Candy's Scottish Unicorns
One one beautiful lady who took one home.


And once again, they taggers are at it.

Next we visited storytime with the Disney Princesses.  This was a great hot of a mother and child listening.  It was standing room only, so the mother knelt down, so her daughter could use her lap as a chair.

okay what is Jessica up to now??  lol

Rondini Alexander - hamming it up with Candy and one of her Scottish Unicorns.  He is just a magnificent performer, who draws the largest crowds and keeps them cheering.  But he is such a sweetheart.  So kind and funny.  What an amazing person!

He reminded me that I am always taking pics of Candy and him, so In needed to get in a few shots too.   What a wonderful time at the Renfaire.  So many precious memories and wonderful friends.

My beautiful friend, Angie Greenwell.

The weather are perfect and the weekend so grand!

And we were treated to great performances from TARTANIC