01 November 2021

RIP sweet Loki




He came to me in 2013.  A stray someone tossed away.  My friend Candy had been feeding him, but she broke her back in November of that year, so I took over putting food out for him.  One night, I heard the start of a cat fight outside.  He was cowering against the bottom of the stairs, while another orange kitty was going to beat on him to get the food.  I told him to come to me and I would protect him.  He hesitate a moment, and then dashed to me and hid behind my legs.  I have have dozens of kitties in my lifetime, but never one that came running to me at the start of the fight.

The next day, he came down the hill in 6 inches of snow to get food.  I had just lost my kitty Algie.  So as I watched Loki make his way down the steep hill, I thought I could save him -- if he would let me.  He came up on the porch and I quickly got Candy's pet carrier.  I asked him if I could pick him up and he let me.  He wasn't happy about the carrier, even less about being take in the truck to my house.  But he just about cried when he saw I was taking him to a bedroom.  Clearly, he had been an indoor kitty.  He knew what a bed and little box was.  I slept in the spare room wth him for a couple nights to get him used to being in a new house.

I never regretted making him a part of my family.  He never did anything wrong, no clawing, spraying, or scratching etc.  He was just so happy to have a warm, safe home.  He was such a gentle kitty.  And he loved me for saving him.

He was with me for just shy of eight years.  I had hoped to have him longer.
The last two and half years have been rough for me, with losing my husband and then my surgery on my jaw.  He slept beside me and would reach out during the night, and put a paw on me, like "It's okay, you're not alone.  Everything is going to be fine."

Tonight, that ghostly paw isn't there to reassure me.  And I miss his so much.

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