14 June 2015

Weekend 3 - Day 1 of Kentucky Highland Renaissance's Pirate Weekend

arrrrr!  Pirates we be!!!  Me (top) and Candy (bottom) ready to go to Pirates Weekend 
- Day 1
at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire


Candy's Baby Dragons for Once Upon a Dragon Time.

And what is a Pirate Weekend without  Cap'n Jack Sparrow!!!

Candy getting a kiss on the hand from Cap'n Jack!

Tara Reed "Ima Nutt" chatting with Robert Barker "Dragon Bob"


The day was cut short as my knees really couldn't take it much dashing about.  Still, it was another wonderful time at Briarwood.  Next weekend -- Steampunk!!!

At the end of the day -- MELTED Candy, me and Robert Barker (Dragon Bob) -- Photo is by Paul Gregory

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