08 June 2015

Highland Renaissance Faire - Week 2 - Day 2

Me at the Renfaire on Sunday.  Despite having new costumes, we elected to just go are comfortable as possible since it was going to be a scorcher.

Candy looking lovely as ever

Kevin, yesterday, made a comment that he wanted a pirate doll.  I asked Candy to make him on, thinking that I could send it to him Christmas.  Lo!  Miz Candy made one overnight that looks like Kevin.  We presented it to him as a souvenir of his Kentucky vacation.


Some lessons in sword fighting.  Kevin Briscoe is on the far right, watching.

Tara and Mark Reed are always a favourite subject to photograph.  They are just to photogenic.

Fool Hearty teaching Fool School.  

Marvin the Dragon (one of Candy's creations) loaded on his dragon wagon, about to stroll through the Renfaire selling her baby dragons for Dragon Bob.

It's always easy to make new friends at the Renfaire

Dragon Bob (Robert Barker) with Bunny preparing for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party for the kids.

Rondini is amazing escape artists -- but the crowd groans when he dislocates his shoulder to get out of the chains and straight jacket!!

Caught Mia from Nuttin' But Mud in between shows.

Another wonderful day at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire!!

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