17 June 2015

celebrating the anniversary of a wonderful character

the new cover for re-issue of A Restless Knight.

A Restless Knight was my first published book.  I saw the release this time 8 years ago.  Like so many I am dreamed and worked to be an author.  Even after I had contracts with two different publishers - Kensington Books and Dorchester Publishing, I still never really knew how it felt to be an author.  Until that bright sunny day when UPS delivers a huge box with 100 copies of my book which was to be released the following week.  I opened that box and held my book in my hands.  There are no words, just an understanding of magic, when I opened and saw my words printed there.

I cannot thank the wonderful Hilary Sares, my editor, for the life-altering experience.

In celebration I am posting the original cover and some of the covers of translations for my novel, the first Dragon of Challon.

original 2007 Kensington Books cover

2008 Brazilian cover

2008 German version

2008 Japanese version

I never saw the Russian cover or the Spanish one.  If anyone has, please send me a link!

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