14 June 2015

Weekend 3 - Pirate Weekend

 Weekend 3 - Day 2 Kentucky Renaissance Faire - Pirate Weekend. It was much hotter, so I skipped pirate gear on the second day.  Decided a tiara was much cooler....lol


Me at Candy's ready too dash to the Renfaire

Candy looking darling!!

Candy resting in the shade of Dragonwood Stage

Kentucky Renaissance has it's own personal rainbow!!

 Mark and Tara Reed "Fool Hearty" relaxing before a performance

"Hey, Marquise...I have an idea..."  Time for Fool School

Jeff Rooks, Robert Barker and Rusty Mudd jamming before a performance of Once Upon a Dragon Time

It was a hot day, but a lot of fun!!!

Candy's newest creation -- Unicorns for Once Upon a Dragon Time to sell.

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