14 August 2017

Taking entries to the Kentucky State Fair

Just call me Taxi service.  Today I drove Candy to the Kentucky State Fair Grounds to enter five of her blue ribbon winners in the State Fair which Starts August 18th.

Candy taking a breath after delivering them

One of her entries - Baby Raggedy Andy.  I think he's adorable.  

Mickey & Minnie and Baby Andy in the back of the car, packed up to go to the fair.

Baby Andy and her Mr and Mrs Santa Mittens

Mickey & Minnie hitching a ride on my dolly as we took them in Freedom Hall.  EVERYONE kept stopping us and bragging on them.  NO ONE passed that didn't Oooooh and Aahhhhh

They are already setting up for the fair which starts this coming Thursday

Me outside of the South Wing with the "enough with the snapping pics" look...lol

Candy had been working so hard that we haven't gone out to eat.  Hubby asked me last night if I was sick because I hadn't been out of the house for two days...lol.

I figure we both needed to relax.  Headed to Keepers Seafood and More.  I wasn't really in the mood for seafood, and Pam, the owner, had said they make a mean Angus Burger.  Local Kentucky Proud beef.  And oh this was SOOOO GOOOD!!

Candy feeling better...

me, I was melted...the day was hope but a fun time!!

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