07 August 2017

Helping final with final things at the County Fair

I helped out for the closing out of the Cultural Arts section at the County Fair.  I did check out and presented the winners with their checks.

Candy took the claim tickets and brought them their items.

Chris Duncan caught me at work (and my mouth open...lol)

Candy Blue Ribbon winners -- six of them - and one read.  Five of the ribbons winners will go on to the State Fair next weekend

Unicorn hat, Snowman hat, the Christmas Mouse and Mickey and Minney are Candy's

Snoopy got beat out by a three foot tall Octopus, but that's okay.  WLKY Channel 32 had him on the weather program Friday at 5:30 am.

 Afterwards back to Keepers to kick back and have a relaxing lunch!  

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