16 September 2007

Riding the Thunder book of the month for The Plano Book Club

The Plano Book Club -- part of the DFW Tea Readers group -- has chosen Riding the Thunder as their book of the month for January 2008. Their members will read the book, discuss it at their dinner on Janruary 16th, and then I will do a call in so they can ask questions.

I am excited about this book, my first with a Kentucky setting. My Historicals and the first Dorchester book, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, are set in Scotland, but this is the first novel to touch upon the Kentucky side of my heritage. Thus, I am eager to see how readers like it.

So far, the book has been getting wonderful reviewers, and will be release within the next few days.

I thank the ladies for honoring my fourth novel by making it book of the month.

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