09 September 2007

Reviewer's Top Pick for A Restless Knight

A Restless Knight

Score: 4.5 / - Reviewer Top Pick

Reviewer: Tammie King of Night Owl Romance Reviews

Lady Tamlyn MacShane is a strong Scottish woman an Ogilvie. The Ogilvie are a bit different than other clans as the women inherit and they also get to choose their own husbands. Lady Tamlyn has not chosen a husband yet and turbulent times have befallen the whole country. The English have taken Tamlyn's father and Julian Challon, aka the Black Dragon, has been sent to Scotland. The King of England has given him Lady Tamlyn as a bride, but Julian must find her first. Lady Tamlyn has pulled a small hoax on Julian. When he finds a woman being molested by his men he saves her, but Lady Tamlyn does not tell him who she is.

Julian needs saving from the horrors that he has experienced. One of his brothers is dead and he has been sent to Scotland. The King thinks that sending Julian to Scotland is a punishment, but to Julian it's the best thing that could have happened. He sees the place as his destiny and a place to find peace for himself. When he meets a woman who makes him burn he falls in love. He knows he has to marry the Lady Tamalyn, but he wants to keep his love with him. There is a huge difference between duty and love and Julian just needs his woman to understand that. When Tamalyn hears this she line of bull she gives it to him good. How will Julian deal with Tamalyn's deception and can Tamalyn heal Julian's soul.

This is another winner from Deborah MacGillivray. I loved the interaction between Lady Tamlyn and Julian. Tamlyn complimented Julian well and he provided her with the challenge she needed. Each of them had to come to terms that life together was better than life apart. Ms. MacGillivray made me want to visit Scotland again and relive that wonderful presence that just engulfs the whole country. Mystery and magic are inherent in Macgillivray's work and her writing will sweep you away on your own visit to Medieval Scotland. So, get ready to be swept back in history.

This is the first book in a series and I read the second one first. Both, A Restless Knight and In Her Bed can be read alone. Each of the books takes place during the same time and interweave between each other. A Restless Knight deals with Tamlyn and Julian and In Her Bed deals with Julian's brother Damian St. Giles and Tamlyn's cousin Lady Aithinne Ogilvie. So, picking up both of these books at the same time will be a real treat for any reader.

Tammie King
Night Owl Romance

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