14 September 2007

Author's 13 Degrees of Reality

To a writer, there are degrees that happen that mark the "reality" of you are having a book published. With each level that reality becomes stronger.

  1. The Call -- an editor actually WANTS your book!
  2. The Contract - signing on the line...suddenly it's no longer a hobby
  3. The ISBN Numbers - your very own ISBN Number for you book
  4. The Advance - Woo woo MONEY!
  5. Listing on Amazon.com, then Barnes and Nobles - seeing your book listed for preorder is a buzz
  6. Jpg over cover art - you've imagined it, now you see if they do right by your book
  7. Edits - scary stuff! You have to learn when to accept changes and when to fight them
  8. Cover flats - holding the front and back of your cover
  9. Galley edits - you see your book in print format for the first time - it's DIFFERENT than reading on a computer
  10. Holding the Book - you get that box of author's copies - It's REAL.
  11. The Reviews - highs when people get your book, disappointment when Miz Clueless posts, "this book sucks".
  12. Second contract - doing it once is cool. Second time it's much tougher
  13. Fan mail! - lovely when people take the time out of their busy lives to tell you how much your book touched them.

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