15 September 2007

A Wondeful review from a reader

M. Hebdige "Nanette Hebdige" (California, USA) - See all my reviews The fact that this book already has over 40 reviews from enchanted readers tells you that this is an unforgettable story with incredible characters, unbelievable emotion and great sexual tension. With fabulous narrative and a beautifully developed plot, the story begins the saga of the Dragons of Challon. Set in the period of Scotland's history, full of bloodshed and cruelty at the hand of English King Edward, known as Longshanks, it is a time of savagery but also a time where out of Scotland's darkest hour emerges the face of William Wallace, as a victorious champion for his people. The story revolves around an English Knight, Julian of Challon, who has lost favor with his English King and the youngest daughter of a Scottish Laird, Tamlyn MacShane. Julian is fleeing the horrors of Berwick, a town massacred by Longshanks to teach a lesson to the Scottish people. The horrors beheld by Julian and two his two bastard brothers is unimaginable - he is plagues by horrid nightmares and he carries the guilt of the death of his youngest brother Christian that also perished at Berwick. Tamlyn, the youngest of three sisters and gifted with fey knowledge, is awestruck by the visions that she is able to see from Julian's past. In her dreams, she relives Julian at the battle of Berwick and witnesses the death of Christian, so she is aware of the unbelievable pain that Julian is carrying inside. The development of the story and its characters will leave you breathless with its beauty. Both Julian and Tamlyn are reincarnated lovers from a pagan time and the fey magik is sprinkled throughout the story. The splendor and lore of the Scottish highlands is retold here with a magickal wand. You can almost smell the heather on the hills and feel the mists of the Loch envelop you as you read. A truly magnificent novel, skillfully executed by this accomplished story teller. You will be waiting with baited breath for all the continuing chapters in the Dragons of Challon. The story of Damian St Giles, Julia's cousin and of Lady Aithinne Ogilvie, also Tamlyn's cousin is told in the next book "In her Bed" which is already out in paperback.
The amazing think about this book: It's out 16 months and is selling stronger than ever!
It was #8 on the bestselling historical romance on Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's been #1 many times over the past year, going to #123 in sales. Amazon was was not as strong, never getting lower thatn #3100 range.
today: Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1729 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
Popular in this category: #11 in Books > Romance > Historical
Talk about dreams coming true. I always swore I was never very lucky in life. For once, my luck has held true.

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