12 September 2007

Paranormal Romance Review for In Her Bed

"Brilliant Addition to Knights of Challon Series"
For years, Damian St. Giles has been in love with a woman who has haunted his dreams; the only woman whom he knew he would ever love. He had found her, only she was totally in love with and betrothed to his beloved cousin Julian. Suffering and unable to take his eyes off of her at the Beltane celebration, he attempts to bury his pain in drink when three identical looking men offer to share their special brew with him. Later waking up naked in an unfamiliar bed, he feels as though he might be dreaming, for with him is the woman of his dreams totally intoxicating and willingly responding to his passionate caresses.

Aithinne Ogilvie had an enormous burden on her shoulders, in order to keep the people of Lyonglen safe and protect her inheritance from surrounding nobles and the insatiably ruthless King Edward "Longshanks", she sent her three brothers to find a decent looking 'stud' to impregnate her. Her thinking was to produce an heir in order to keep her lands. It being nothing more than a matter of necessity, Aithinne was unprepared for the beauty of the man she found drugged and chained in her bed, a man who would capture and chain her heart.

Oh my, if I thought Ms. MacGillivray's A RESTLESS KNIGHT was fabulous -- I can only say that IN HER BED will absolutely take your breath away! Not only is this an incredibly sensual romance that will grab you from the very first page and keep you reading throughout the night, but the highly detailed and precise historical research will transport you mind, body, and soul to the center of the action.

The author does a wonderful character study of Aithinne as not only a beautiful woman, but one who has deep insecurities in comparing herself to Tamlyn (A RESTLESS KNIGHT) whom she greatly resembles; yet, in her own mind, always coming in second and not quite as 'perfect' as her beloved cousin. The author shows how Aithinne falls hard for the extremely handsome St. Giles and is heart-broken knowing that it is her cousin whom he loves, and grieves over the fact she would never see him again after 'using' him to impregnate her. Later, knowing she is definitely pregnant, Damian and Julian show up at her gates to inform her that the king has passed the Charter of Lyonglen to a new lord -- namely Damian St. Giles! Torment follows Aithinne of her deceit knowing that if Damian ever remembers the nights of passion they had while she held him captive he would despise her.

Damian struggled with flashes of memories of his "lost week" and was astounded when he first laid eyes on Aithinne who looked enough like Tamlyn to be a twin. Although drugged to wipe out his memory the author slowly and with a deft hand uses glimpses of people, as well as snatches of conversation to bring forth more and more memories, and when too many coincidences occur Damian takes control of the situation with both humor and a captivating sensual control.

The dialogues are witty, with plenty of double entendres and scenes that are steaming with titillating sensuality right along with scenes that are laugh-out-loud hilarious! The author seamlessly interweaves the unforgettable characters of Tamlyn and Julian from A RESTLESS KNIGHT and introduces us to Aithinne's identical triplet brothers Dewey, Lewis, and Hugh who are a delight and bring to mind the antics of 'Three Stooges'-- funny and completely endearing. IN HER BED to my mind is nothing short of brilliant for this fast rising star of historical romance.

Marilyn Rondeau, Paranormal Romance reviewsReviewed by Marilyn RondeauPosted September 12, 2007

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