12 September 2016

Ghost Stories on the Square

Me having supper on the square before Ghost Stories on the Square takes place. 
PERFECT evening for it.


Candy looking great after a minor set back with her heart.

Crowd gatherings for the storytellers.


Nancy Paradis's amazing kiddos -  Mallory and Macy!!


The two Barbaras --- Barbara Todd of BD Beads and Barbara Manely, with Barbara M. opening the Ghost Stories

The Langlois.come to join the festivities -- all they way from Canada

The first storyteller opens with a cautionary tale about black bubble gum

One Nineteen West Main was all aglow 

Twilight brought on a parade of colors


Beautiful lights cast into the trees - a beautiful eerie effect

A tale of BB and CC and the Ghost in the Closet


What a wonderful night....

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