18 September 2016

Kentucky Highland's Celtic Festival

me at Michael's Inn enjoying Drunk & Sailor at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Celtic Festival

me with Erika Napier -- I think I am surrounded by Hobbits!

Candy with dear friend Erika Napier

Candy in front of Napier Arts

Erika Napier testing a new venue for people, panning for gems and stones.  It went over with a boom!

The biggest crowd for the Highland Games ever!


Plenty of great items for Christmas on sale.

Can you get any more Celtic than this lass?

was a BIG crowd, nearly three time the people as last year, and that was ins spite of the rain showers


Bob Watters (Cap'n Amos) with Whitney Christensen

Drunk & Sailor giving a rousing show!!

Candy at Michaela's Inn

Candy and I am ready to head home after a wonderful evening!!!

Videos of Bob Watters and Drunk & Sailor

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