06 November 2007

Single Titles.com 5 star review of Riding the Thunder

Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 0505526921
Page Count: 354
Price: $6.99
Reviewer: Donna Zapf
Sensuality Rating: SultryStar
Rating: 5 Stars

Award winning author Deborah MacGillivray continues her creative Sister of Colford Hall series with her hauntingly magic novel, RIDING THE THUNDER.

Content to own and run the 1960s style Windmill diner, motel, drive-in theatre and swim club in rural Kentucky, Asha Montgomerie relishes the slower pace. Her employees are like family, all finding their home at the Windmill. There are even resident ghosts haunting the diner; two star crossed lovers killed in a questionable car accident and a manic juke box that plays tunes from the 60s at will. Oddly enough, Asha seems to have a connection with the ghostly lovers through her fey Picish powers her Grandmother told her all Montgomerie women posses. Unfortunately, Asha’s contentment is threatened by a large conglomerate, Trident, that sent a representative, Jago Fitzgerald, with offers to buy the Windmill and her brother Liam’s horse farm. Of course Asha has no intention of selling but Jago certainly plays havoc with her libido the minute she lays eyes on him.

Jago Fitzgerald Mershan is struck by the beauty of the feisty auburn haired Asha. He rapidly falls for her and immediately begins a battle with his guilt. Jago is deceiving Asha and plans to “take over” the Montgomerie holdings in Kentucky even as his brothers are doing the same in England and Scotland. Jago begins to make himself at home at the Windmill by first buying a vintage Shelby Mustang then a classic Electra Glide motorbike and finally being adopted by a large black cat. With Jago becoming part of the Windmill family, who will he betray, Asha or his brothers?

RIDING THE THUNDER rumbles along taking readers on an entertaining ride. Deborah MacGillivray gifts us with well matched heroes, luscious love scenes and engaging secondary characters that ensnare us in the suspenseful plot of her witty romantic story with a paranormal touch. My advice; get this book and ride the thunder!


Sandra Cox said...

Sounds like a great read!

Laura Elliott said...

Great review! Time to celebrate! Take the night off.