07 November 2007

5 Star Review for In Her Bed from Beverly Romance Books

Masterfully Written Sequel!

Review By Beverly Romance Books "Beverly" (St. Petersburg, Florida)

If you are one of the many readers who enjoyed The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, you will be blown over and entertained to the maximum with DeborahAnne MacGillivray's sequel "Riding Thunder." This is a writer that just keeps getting better with each book release. Her unique talent, knowledge base, writing prose, story and character development are truly amazing. This is definitely one of those stories that readers will not be able to put down and will probably read in a day, unable to pull themselves away from the sensual mystique of the story and its characters. Only Ms. MacGillivray can write a contemporary Scottish romance and construct it in such a way that it has the feel of a Medieval Historical and a Paranormal with a mix of suspense added to the story. If you are a cat lover, you will smile and laugh as she has the superb capability of inserting a feline character that actually fits into the storyline, adding an additional dimension to the Falgannon Isle series, as well as the other stories she writes.

Taking place in parallel with the first book, while the eldest and leader of the Mershan family, Desmond, is boiling over with vengeance and is conquering the Falgannon Isle's leader and granddaughter, B.A. (BarbaraAnne Montgomerie), he sends his brother Jago to the State of Kentucky to zero in on B.A.'s sister Asha. In a very creative contemporary paranormal twist, there are numerous other strange happenings while the planned vengeance and takeover of Montgomerie Enterprises is taking place and the handsome Mershan men on different continents are sensually drawn to the beautiful, strong, intelligent and willful Montgomerie women.

Similar to her sister B.A., Asha is responsible for her business and the livelihood of several unique secondary characters that are just as interesting and fun as the 213 Single Scotsmen B.A. is responsible for on Falgannon Isle. Asha is the owner of a unique 1960's period Diner and cottage rental that carry a mystique regarding the tragic death of two lovers back in the 1960's. The old jukebox at the Diner continues to randomly keep playing the tragic favorite love song of Jenny and Tommy. Very similar to the people of Falgannon Isle with their strange quirks, the people of Leesburg, Kentucky do not want any changes made to their small part of the world run by Asha. Stuck in the 60's they are as confused as Asha with the arrival of the sexy and handsome outsider, Jago Fitzgerald, (really Jago Mershan). Mystery begins to build and more than sparks fly. As Asha rides the thunder with Jago, they are not only enmeshed in the Montgomerie/Mershan ordeal, with Jago hiding his identity and the truth of the overtaking of Montgomerie Enterprises from Asha and her family, but Asha begins to have blackouts, not only reliving portions of the former 1960's tragic lovers lives, but suspicious parts of their tragic deaths. While giving into the sparks of desire and the wild ride of sensuality Asha and Jago's passion develops into a deep love. Jago struggles with the realization that he must tell Asha the reasons for his being in Leesburg and about the plan his brother Desmond has constructed to destroy the Montgomerie family. Just as everything is coming together for Jago and Asha, the true tragedy of Tommy and Jenny is revealed and Asha gets caught up in the danger while at the same time discovering that Jago has been lying to her. Can the handsome Jago regain her trust while at the same time save her and their love in time? Or will Leesburg once again experience a Jenny and Tommy tragedy?

Don't miss reading this wonderfully entertaining story and series that is a Contemporary Romance with a mixture of the mystique of a Scottish Medieval Historical, Paranormal and Romance Suspense novel that is a true delight and masterpiece. I was awestruck by this story and highly recommend it for an extremely entertaining read! But don't miss the first book, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, make a MacGillivray weekend and read them both!

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