29 November 2007

5 Star Review for The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

Falgannon Isle is in the grips of an ancient curse placed on it by Sgathach Bnanand, Skye's Warrior Queen who cursed the isle while in a jealous rage after her lover left her with another woman and escaped into the shrouding mist of Falgannon. It states that only if the Lady of the Isle mates with an Outlander who has black hair, green eyes and is of Irish descent will any of the island's male population find true and lasting love. This curse would last for three generations. B.A. Montgomerie is on a mission to entice women to visit Falgannon Isle and hopefully fall in love with one of the two hundred thirteen single Scotsmen who currently live there. As the `Lady of the Isle' the men folk consider her off limits.

B.A. had once been married, but her husband hadn't met all the conditions to break the curse - his eyes hadn't been green. Two years after their marriage, his plane went down in the North Atlantic leaving B.A. a widow. At the age of thirty-seven, B.A. would like to find love again, but first she plans to make sure that the men have every chance possible to find a mate. To aid in that purpose B.A. has set up a website which she hopes women will find intriguing enough to give the island and her braw lads a chance.

Desmond Mershan invades Falgannon with an agenda of his own. He's been plotting for years to enact vengeance for injustices that had been done to his family in the past. While B.A. immediately senses that Desmond is deceiving her somehow, the other residents of the isle view him as the answer to the curse. He's got all the traits needed to fulfill the terms of the curse and ensure all of their happiness, if only B.A. would admit that she has feelings for him. There's no doubt that he's arrived on the isle to pillage and loot, but she has a bad feeling it's not her that he's after.

With an island full of men desiring female companionship, B.A.'s website is the perfect way to attract women to the isle. It's set up as a dating service complete with profiles and an application. The men are able to select the women who interest them from the ones who apply. Of course, now that Desmond has invaded their island, the men are even more hopeful that this plan to bring women to the isle will work. After all, if their lady is finally mated to the man who will finally break the curse than their chances of finding love will be drastically increased. Will they be able to convince Desmond and B.A. to overlook their distrust of each other?

Deborah MacGillivray's THE INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLE is a delightful mixture of contemporary setting with historical Scottish brogues and mannerisms. There's even a little bit of kilt action here and there. I love the idea of this tiny isle somewhere that has the basics of modern conveniences but for the most part untouched by greed and mistrust that is so prevalent in today's society. Everyone on the isle has a descriptive tag added to their name in a bid to keep their identities straight. This is a book that I just know readers are going to love. Every single character has endearing characteristics that will endear them to you. You'll find yourself engrossed in the story and laughing at the antics of the Islanders, especially those of `The Cat Dudley' who has a personality all his own. Desmond and B.A. make a perfect couple, even though they do have obstacles to overcome. There's no doubt that if there is a curse their union will be it's undoing.

This is the first book in Ms MacGillivray's SEVEN SISTERS OF COLFORD HALL series. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next book in this series: RIDING THE THUNDER which will contains B.A.'s sister Asha and Desmond's brother Jago's story.

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~ C. Dionne, Romance Junkies

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