19 November 2007

CK2s Kwips and Kritiques review of Riding the Thunder

Superb, absolutely superb!, November 19, 2007
Deborah Wiley (Winter Haven, FL)

True love can survive anything....

Jago Mershan knows the value of love; it's the reason he's willing to continue with the revenge plan his brother is insisting on. Of course, Jago didn't expect to fall for Asha Montgomerie, one of the women his brother's plan will destroy. Asha doesn't trust Jago initially as he identifies himself as Jago Fitzgerald, the representative for the developer Trident Ventures. Asha doesn't intend to sell her restaurant no matter how much money is offered! After all, the ghostly inhabitants of Tommy and Laura won't allow any changes to The Windmill. Will Jago and Asha find true love even as their differences separate them?

I think this may be my favorite book yet by Deborah MacGillivray. Considering I have enjoyed each and every one to date, that is saying quite a bit! RIDING THE THUNDER is the sequel to INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLE although the events are happening almost simultaneously in both books. Regardless as to whether you've read the first book, RIDING THE THUNDER is easily understood and enjoyed.

Deborah MacGillivray creates characters who are so vivid that one believes they must be real. Even her secondary characters are phenomenal. Who can't help but love Oo-it? Asha and Jago practically spring to life off the pages as the reader is drawn into their beautiful, almost breathtaking love story.

Deborah MacGillivray reaches into the hearts of her characters and captures each emotion so poignantly. Her exquisite use of language is unparalleled as she is an author clearly at the top of her game. RIDING THE THUNDER is a story that take you through the entire gamut of emotions as you will laugh, cry, scream, and cheer for joy.

Atmosphere is critical to the success of RIDING THE THUNDER, and Deborah MacGillivray delivers exactly what is needed. The ambiance of The Windmill is perfect for the ghostly apparitions of Tommy and Laura. The added touch of the seemingly haunted Wurlitzer jukebox is sheer genius.

RIDING THE THUNDER showcases the superb writing skills of Deborah MacGillivray. No matter what story or time period, Ms. MacGillivray thoroughly enchants her readers with her delightful tales. RIDING THE THUNDER is highly recommended!


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