12 November 2007

Coffeetime Romance Review of Cat O ' Nine Tales

ISBN# 978-0978713904
October 2007
Highland Press
PO Box 2292, High Springs, Florida 32655
Trade Paperback
274 Pages
Romance Anthology

Rating: 5 cups

Bad Cat

Katlyn MacKenzie only recently moved into her Aunt’s beachfront property in Destin, Florida. Her part Scottish wildcat Auggie Moggie has every animal within a ten block radius terrified, and a few people too. However, he does not terrify her sexy neighbor.

Ian St. Giles is a writer, and a transplant from Britain. He is very attracted to Katlyn, and uses every excuse he can to see her, including her cat Auggie.

When Auggie steals Ian’s steak dinner before he can make it, and gobbles it, it is the last straw for Ian. Will Ian be able to use Auggie’s antics to his advantage, or will his very real irritation with the cat lose him Katlyn?

Bad Cat is hilarious and one of my favorite stories in this anthology. The attraction between Ian and Katlyn is explosive. You will not want to miss this one!

Getting it in the End

Catlynne Falconer is a romance novelist. Her cat Jack is half Scottish wildcat, and huge. She based one of her heroes, a man turned into a cat by a powerful witch, on him. Because of this she brings Jack with her to the Writers Renfaire in York, England. She does not figure on meeting her arch enemy.

James Douglas Kinloch pens a monthly column on books for Money & Trends Magazine. He takes to Catlynne right away when he sees her sexy self. However, he does not know who she really is.

When James gets tangled in Jack’s leash and crashes to the ground, he meets Catlynne for the first time. The attraction is mutual until he introduces himself and Catlynne realizes just who he is; the book reviewer who has trashed every one of her romance novels and caused her sales to drop. Will Catlynne be able to get past what James has done, or will she accept their mutual attraction?

Like Bad Cat, Getting It In the End is highly entertaining. Jack cracked me up with how he takes to James right away when he normally does not take to anyone but Catlynne. I also loved Catlynne’s reaction once she finds out who James is. The attraction is sizzling and very much worth reading.

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

Gillian Grant has just moved into a tiny cottage on Mackinnon land with the laziest cat in the world, Basil. She is not a happy camper because the previous owner, her grandmother’s lover, did not leave her Castle Dunnascaul as he promised; instead leaving it to his grandson. Instead, he left her the cottage.

Cian Mackinnon thinks it is only his right to have been left the castle, although he does not begrudge Gillian the cottage. He thinks Gillian is very sexy, but is not so enamored of her antics.

When Gillian puts up a chain to prevent him using the driveway to the castle, Cian decides he has had enough. One in a long line of incidents to show her displeasure not getting ownership of the castle, she does her best to keep the feud between the Grants, the original owners of the castle, and the Mackinnon’s the newest ones, going strong. Will Cian be able to convince her that the feud is meaningless, and best put to rest? Or will Gillian keep it going and refuse to give into their very real attraction?

Double Double Toil & Trouble had me roaring with laughter. Gillian's determination to show her displeasure in any way she can, including and up to laying down in the driveway so cars can't pass had me roaring with laughter. This story is a keeper!

Rider in the Storm

Ciara MacIan lost her fiancé Derek whom she loved very much seven years before. Her heart has never healed from the loss and if not for his cat Sinnjinn, she would possibly not have survived the loss.

Roarke Devlin has just moved to the Palisades area in Kentucky. He nearly died seven years before when a virus destroyed his heart. If not for a life saving transplant he would never have survived. Now he has memories he cannot explain; memories that include Ciara.

When Ciara goes to her finace’s grave hoping to bid him a last farewell for good, she instead gets roaring drunk, cuts herself, and goes to sleep on his grave. Desperate to put the horrible memories of how he died to rest, she takes the road where his fatal car crash took place. Just as she arrives on the scene, a car and a man that remind her of Derek are there ahead of her. Everything about Roarke reminds her of Derek. Will she be able to accept that love is eternal and anything is possible? Or will she turn Roarke away when she discovers his secret?

Rider in the Storm is a real tear jerker. Unlike the previous three stories this one grabs you by the heart and will not let go. The idea of eternal love is rampant throughout, making this one a keeper.

Devil in Spurs

Lady Ashlyn Findlater has only her cat Cyril to truly love her. Her father has ignored her her entire life, and only recently brought her into society with the idea of marrying her off.

Desdein Deshaunt, otherwise known as the Marquis de Fournier, breeds horses and plays the role of disenchanted nobleman by day, and the highwayman ‘the Devil in Spurs’ by night. He is out for revenge against Ashlyn’s father who killed his own father in a duel twenty years earlier.

When Desdein’s young brother Jeremy is arrested as the Devil in Spurs by mistake, he will do anything to get him out, including kidnapping Ashlyn in order to exchange her for Jeremy. However, Ashlyn is not at all what he thought, and it becomes obvious once he gets to know her that she is the woman for him. But he has gone down a road there is no turning back from and he cannot allow his brother to go to Newgate for something he himself has been doing. Will Ashlyn find a way to help him as she longs to do once she discovers who he is? Or will someone she loves die?

Another tear jerker, Devil in Spurs is none-the-less very heartwarming. Ashlyn as the child who was never really loved and always ignored is still quite a strong personality. I liked how Desdein comes to understand what is truly important in this story. A wonderful romance worth every dime.

All I Want for Christmas is a Hula-Hoop and a Mother

Leslie Seaforth is a ballet instructor. She is divorced and longs for a husband and child of her own. When she gets a gander at Keon Challenger, one of her student’s fathers, she is very attracted.

Keon Challenger loves Kentucky and is a transplanted Brit. He adores his daughter Allison and will do just about anything for her, although he has no idea how he is going to fulfill her request for a mother.

When a blizzard hits the area, Keon sees it as his prime chance for him and Allison to spend some time with Leslie, getting to know her better. When she will not come home with him and Allison, he insists on driving her home. Because of the weather conditions they end up staying at Leslie’s home. In a very short amount of time it becomes clear to all of them that they are each what the other needs, but will Keon be able to convince Leslie that he is the real thing, and that he loves her? Or having been burned once, will Leslie turn away her heart’s desire?

All I Want for Christmas is a Hula-Hoop and a Mother is a precious story. I loved Allison’s perkiness and how smart she was. Keon is the perfect dad and one that any little girl would be proud to call her own. The author portrayed Leslie’s pain over her past and her reaction to what had happened in a realistic fashion. A heart warming story you will not want to miss.

Blue Christmas Cat

Dara Seaforth has loved Rhys St. John her entire life. Sure that she can never love another, she chooses to live alone. Her beloved cat Dexter has gone to kitty heaven and she longs for another cat to love.

Rhys St. John did what his family wanted when he was young. He took over the family business, building it up from the ruin his father made it, and married the so-called suitable woman when his mother played the guilt card to get him to do it. Now newly divorced, he has returned home to try and get the woman he loves back. He and his cat Elvis, that is.

When Dara asks the spirit of Dexter to bring her another cat to love, she is astonished when seconds later she hears a cat crying on her front stoop. She brings in the cat called Elvis, never knowing that he belongs to Rhys. When Rhys shows up to get his cat back, he uses it as a ploy to get to Dara to realize he loves her. Will Rhys be able to convince her that he has always loved her and wants her now? Or will Dara be to afraid to trust him?

A cute story where the magic of Christmas is rampant. I really enjoyed reading about Elvis the cat and his people. The love story here is one to be treasured and Dara and Rhys felt like old friends by the time I had finished reading about them. A well thought out and beguiling story.

Chicken What Du Hell

Royce “Remy” Kinross, Marquis of Dunmoor and Seafeld, is hiding out in Louisiana with his Cajun relatives. Tired of women throwing themselves at him for his money, including an ex-wife, he longs for a woman who will love him for himself. He thinks that someone might be Catonia Flemyn. One thing is for sure, his cat Bubba is in love with her.

Catonia Flemy used to be a super model until she left it all behind, including her ex-husband who did not like the idea of losing his jet setting lifestyle. She too longs for love, but is willing at least for the moment to settle for a house in Louisiana that is all her own.

When Bubba leaves a love gift of yet another dead snake on Catonia’s bed, she has had enough. As with the other two “gifts” she brings it right back to his owner Remy. Remy might give her the hots, but the huge feline continuing to leave her gifts is getting on her nerves. When Remy tries to use the incident as an excuse to get her to have dinner with him, she turns him down flat. Eventually she lets her guard down and they get close; that is, until she sees something in the tabloids that makes her blood boil. Will she listen to him when he tries to explain, or turn her back on him?

Chicken What Du Hell had me roaring with laughter, particularly Bubba’s antics and his obvious adoration for Catonia who does not quite know what to do with him. Remy is a wonderful hero, and I really enjoyed how the author got this couple together.

A Very Special Man

Desdemona “Dezzy” Vashon is an aspiring author. She lives alone in the house her grandmother left her with her cat Simon.

Simon is more than just a cat. He is Simon Ravensdale, Viscount Moordon, only he has been a cat for so long he often forgets. He is in love with Dezzy.

When Simon discovers that he can communicate with Dezzy in her sleep, he uses it to his advantage, for it is then he can make love to her in her dreams. However, Simon wants more. He wants the reality. If only he could remember what he needed to have her do to return him to his normal state. When he finally does remember and gets Dezzy to do what needs to be done to free him, they are both ecstatic. However, Dezzy sees more problems ahead; ones that she thinks are insurmountable. Will Simon be able to convince her that together they can do anything?

A Very Special Man is a magical tale of true love that is perfect for Christmas. I loved reading about how Dezzy brings out what is necessary in Simon to help him help her to break the spell. Simon and Dezzy are perfect together and it was a joy to read about how Simon convinces her anything is possible.

Cat O’Nine Tales is definitely a keeper. The sex is hot and varied, but shot through with a lot of emotion making each story one to be savored while reading. The cats added a lovely dimension that only cats can, and I adored their individual personalities. Each story is one to be treasured, and I know I will be rereading them over and over for many years to come. If you love cats, and a good love story as I do, then you will not want to miss this wonderful collection as it is phenomenal. This anthology belongs on every romance lovers bookshelf!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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