27 November 2007

Cata-Romance reivew of Cat O'Nine Tales

Genre: See Review
ISBN: 0978713907
Page Count: 274
Price: $12.49
Reviewer: Donna Zapf

Sensuality Rating: SensuousStar
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.deborahmacgillivray.co.uk/

CAT O’NINE TALES is a special anthology edition of nine delicious award winning stories of romance and the kitty cats that help it along!

Bad Cat
Katlyn and her part Scottish wildcat live on the beach in Destin, Florida next door to hunky Ian Giles. Katlyn conspires with Auggie to lure Ian over with his bad cat behavior. But Ian needs no excuse to be seduced by the lovely Katlyn since seduction is on his mind as well.

Getting It in the End
Romance writer Catlynne Falconer and her half Scottish wildcat Jack attend the Writers Renfaire in York, England. There they run into the one man Catlynne hates, book reviewer James Douglas Kinloch. He has bad mouthed every one of Catlynne’s books and despite their physical attraction she only wants to distance herself from him. The rub is James has Jack and he will not give him up without confronting Catlynne and what a confrontation it is!

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble
This is a contemporary tale with paranormal elements. Observed by their ghostly grandparents, Gillian Grant and Cian Mackinnon both lay claims to the Castle Dunnascaul but Cian was given the castle by his grandfather and the outlying cottage was given to Gillian. Gillian feels loyalty to her family and the legendary treasure to be found at the castle, even though she loves Cian, and so stubbornly continues the Grant vs Mackinnon feud. Cian is besotted by Gillian and tries to convince her to forget the feud and come, with her cat Basil, to live with him in Dunnascaul. Could love be the real treasure?

Rider in the Storm
Seven years ago to the night, Ciara MacIan lost her fiancée in a tragic car accident. After a goodbye visit to Derek’s grave, vowing to go on with her life, Ciara rounds the very curve in the road where he was killed and sees another red car in trouble. A strange man flags her down and Ciara takes him to her home as the weather rages. Strangely she is not afraid and as the night progresses she and her cat Sinnjinn feel as though this man is someone they both know. Who is this man and will he be the one to help Ciara love again?

Devil in Spurs
A historical tale during the days of highway men and the ton, Devil in Spurs is also known as Desdein Deshaunt, otherwise known as the Marquis de Fournier, a nobleman by day and highway man by night. Desdein’s brother has been mistakenly arrested as the Devil in Spurs and Desdein must find a way to save him. He decides to kidnap his enemy’s daughter, the man that shot Desdein’s father, and exchange her for his brother’s freedom. As it turns out, Lady Ashlyn Findlater is a lonely young lady loved only by her aging cat Cyril. Ashlyn captures Desdein’s heart but has little value to her father. As this emotional story reaches its climax, nothing is as it seems.

All I Want for Christmas is a Hula-Hoop and a Mother
This is a precocious Christmas story that will have you grinning ear to ear. Five year old Allison contrives to bring her father and her ballet teacher, Leslie, together to make her Christmas wish come true. All she wants is a kitty, a pony, a hula-hoop and a mother. As a blizzard descends, Keon Challenger and daughter Allison drive Leslie and her cat Alvin home so she can take care of her pony and are promptly snowed in for Christmas. Do Christmas wishes really come true?

Blue Christmas Cat
Dara Seaforth is alone on Christmas, her beloved kitty Dexter has “crossed the rainbow bridge” and she has never found a love to replace her childhood crush, Rhys St. John. After fifteen years away, Rhys has returned to his home in hopes to find Dara and claim the love that family obligations denied him so many years ago. But Rhys hesitates and only the search for his wayward cat Elvis brings him to Dara’s door. Will the magic of Christmas and Elvis help the two to find their fated love?

Chicken What Du Hell
Catonia Flemy confronts Remy and his naughty cat Bubba again with evidence in hand, a snake brought to her by an adoring Bubba. Remy Kinross wants Catonia and puts on his Cajun personality to woo her. It works until Catonia finds out from a tabloid that Remy really is Royce Kinross, Marquis of Dunmoor and Seafeld, and that he has lied to her. It takes some fast talking and more snakes to convince her that Remy and Bubba are genuine. This is a witty tale guaranteed to keep you laughing.

A Very Special Man
Desdemona “Dezzy” Vashon confides to her cat Simon that all she wants is a special man to love her. Simon wants that too. He is a man trapped in a cat body for hundreds of years. He loves Dezzy and knows she is the one to break his curse if only he can convince her.

A purrrfect read for romance and cat lovers alike; CAT O’NINE TALES by award winning Deborah MacGillivray has something for everyone. From contemporary to historical and paranormal to comedy these stories will delight and entertain with amazing characters, unique plots and varied settings. Ms. MacGillivray showcases her signature razor-sharp style in this special collection that must be read and read again.

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