11 November 2007

5 Star Review for Riding the Thunder

"Riding the Thunder" by Deborah MacGillivray

"Riding the Thunder" is the 2nd installment of the Sisters of Colford Hall Series. (The first being "Invasion of Falgannon Isle")

Jago Mershan and his brothers are dead set on distroying the dynasty left behind when Sean Montgomerie, the man responsible for he death of their father, passed away.
While his brother, Des, was at Falgannon working on taking over the island and it's lady, B.A. Montgomerie, Jago was in Kentucky working on Asha, B.A.'s sister.
Ever since Jago laid eyes on Asha at her grandfather's funeral, he was obsessed with not only possessing the Montgomery fortune, but Asha as well. Ok, so obsessed is a mild word. As a man who when he saw something he liked, he just bought it...cars...motercycles...etc...etc...he was dead set on claiming Asha as his own. Only he found Asha could not be bought.

This book also contains another story of mystery...one of the haunting of a small town in Kentucky where Asha lives that includes a Wurlitzer 2700 jukebox that has a mind of it's own. And there are the ghosts of Tommy and Laura who frequent Asha's resturant, The Windmill, who died back in 1964.

Oh, yes, just as in "...Falgannon Isle", we get the chance to fall in love with another adorable feline who remains nameless until the end of the book! I love it when authors bring animals into the storyline! Pets are such a big part of our lives that they should be allowed in our stories from time to time.

I loved "The Invasion of Falgannon Isle" so much that I couldn't wait for the next in the series. When "Riding the Thunder" was released, it took a bit for me to read it. Not because I didn't want to, but because I was afraid that it wouldn't live up to "...Falgannon Isle." Oh, boy was I wrong! I loved this book!!!

There is an abundance of heat and passion between Jago and Asha! Ms. MacGillivray has such a talent for creating characters that draw you in and make you care about their lives! Her heroes and heroines are intelligent, strong, and sexy! Jago and Asha are no exception!

Deborah paints such a lovely picture of small town Kentucky that I could just envision it! Wait...let me look out my window! Oh, there it is!!!! LOL
I would recommend reading "The Invasion of Falgannon Isle" first. That way, when you are reading "Riding the Thunder," you already have some knowledge of who some of the other characters are.

I now can't wait until the next book in this series is released!!!!!
I'm giving this book * * * * * stars for another amazing tale of love, intrigue, and of course, ghosts! LOL

Hugs and kisses and happy reading!
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