27 October 2007

Review for Riding the Thunder

Another Winner!, October 26, 2007
Gerri Bowen "Contributing author in BLUE MOON... (Hanover, PA USA) -
Second in the Sisters of Colford Hall series, this book is as good as the first, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle. Jago Mersham arrives in Kentucky at The Windmill, his purpose to destroy Asha Montgomerie's world in order to avenge his father's death. Instead, he is knocked for a loop when he sees Asha, which is good because she is just as unsettled when they make eye contact. She fights the attraction; he embraces it until he welcomes his love for her. Unfortunately, he is still bound to destroy her world. Asha finally succumbs to her love for Jago, opening her entire being to this man, never doubting it is the right thing to do. To add to the tension, there is a psycho in town and you don't know when he is going to make his move.
The story is involved, the emotional stakes high. You believe these people could be destroyed beyond repair by the betrayal/abandonment of the other. How the author handles this made reading the book such a pleasure. Then there are the two ghosts who play a part in the story, Clint the cat, the Wurlitzer that selects the music it wants played, usually hits from the sixties, as well as other odd souls who find a home at Asha's diner, The Windmill. The songs mentioned in the book are ones I recognized, most of them from the sixties, and I could hear them in my mind, see couples dancing to the music. The song that best fit the story wasn't what you'd think, something from the past, but Mike Duncan's, Lost for Words; as if written for this story. I guess what makes this a winner is that the characters are likeable, story plausible and interesting, dialog witty, and the love and romance heartwarming. A keeper and one I highly recommend.

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