26 October 2007

In Her Bed review by Aysel Arwen, author

Cut Travel Time In Half With Deborah MacGillivray

12:07 PM PDT, October 25, 2007
On a recent trip to hot air balloon over the fall grape harvest in Sonoma County California, I discovered a treasure at an airport bookstore…In Her Bed! What an intriguing and engrossing tale of Damian St Giles, a man I was not prepared to fall in love with after reading A Restless Knight. I found myself thinking (and saying aloud on the plane) “I did NOT see that coming!” time after time as Lady Aithinne did many of things I would like to have done to such a yummy, dark warrior.

Steeped in MacGillvray’s rich and deep storytelling spirit, this is yet another thread that weaves in and out of other tales…reminding me of past passions that connected with my soul and of those powerful tales that are yet to come in the Scottish Highlands of MacGillvray’s world. This book will keep you guessing, fulfill your desire for an exceptional read and paint the pristine clouds of your world with magic, myth and love that transcends the ages!

~ reviewd by Aysel Arwen, author of A Clan Chief, A Dragon and Evelyn


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Unknown said...

I've always wanted to write romance novels. It seems like such fun to use the creative imagination in that way. For some reason I seem to stick with science, research, biographies and such. Thanks for participating in the blog chain. I've enjoyed browsing your blog.

Yvonne Perry