16 October 2007

5 Hearts Review for A Restless Knight

Take a trip to medieval Scotland!
October 16, 2007

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Lady Tamlyn MacShane had the gift of the kenning, but she did not see soon enough ahead of what was about to happen. The Dragons were invading Glenrogha and there was naught she could do to stop them...or could she?

Lord Julian Challon enraged at the thoughts of his men trying to press rape on an innocent woman of Glenrogha, he interceded to stop the men before succeeding. Her eyes captivated and drew feelings inside he had never experienced before. She was the woman who could make his dreams of family and a son come true, its a shame she wanted nothing to do with him.

Julian is haunted by dreams of his brother's untimely death and the massacre of Berwick. He just wants peace and to share his life with this Highland Enchantress. But first the two must come together to save the lands from destruction. Along the way love seeps into their hearts, but will Tamlyn give in and let her heart fall to the one man she despised?

Deborah MacGillivray transports the reader back into the Highlands of Scotland year 1296. Lively, spirited characters brought this story of historical romance to life right before my eyes. This is the first book in The Dragons of Challon Series and if the rest of the books are as wonderful as this one, you better believe they will all be on the top of my bookshelf.

Magically and skillfully written, A Restless Knight will bewitch you. I have discovered Ms. MacGillivray's books are addictive, staying up late into the morning reading ensures, no reader will be disappointed. 5 Hearts

A Restless Knight went into a second printing for Kensington Books
A Restless Knight (Zebra Debut) by Deborah MacGillivray
[mass market paper: Kensington Publishing Corporation; July 6, 2006; $3.99; ISBN: 0821780360; ISBN-13: 9780821780367]

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Book Description

~ A Defiant Lady ~
In Scotland's darkest hour, an English warrior dressed all in black has come for her. Blessed with the kenning, Lady Tamlyn MacShane foresaw this day, when the ruthless Lord Julian Challon would conquer her land -- and her heart. She is determined to resist him...but she is no match for his strength...or his sensuality...

~ A Resolute Lord ~

To Julian, the proud Scotswoman should be nothing more than a captive. Yet Tamlyn's fiery Beauty ensnares him, body and soul. Now, the warrior known as the Black Dragon is in danger of falling under the spell that cannot be broken---the spell of love....

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A Restless Knight , Kensington - July 2006, CATA-Romance Reviews' Choice Award Winner, a Laurie Winner, Best Debut P.E.A.R.L. Nominee, CAPA Finalist Best Historical; a More than Magic Winner for Best Historical; RIO Award of Excellence Winner Best Debut

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