11 October 2007

5 Hearts Review for In Her Bed

10/11/2007 - Crystal Reviews

In Her Bed by Deborah MacGillivray *print book*

Damian St. Giles covets his cousins betrothed beauty, Tamlyn. At the Beltane party Damian drowns his sorrows in imbibing in too much mead, as well as a special brew provided by triplet brothers. Waking up shackled to a bed is not so bad when the beauty Damian craves is right beside of him, touching and caressing his naked body. The brothers did promise the special brew would make all of his dreams come true....

Princess Aithinne Ogilvie must find a way to keep Lyonglen out of the hands of men that want the land for their greedy selves. The only way she can come up with is to give birth to a bairn, but the only problem, was that Aithinne was not married or even betrothed. Stealing a man for breeding purposes seems a little extreme, but what other choices are there? When a spell is woven between Aithinne and Damian and the first night of intercourse takes place, there is no turning back. Both lives will either flourish or the spell will cause more lies that will be added to the turmoil that is Aithinne's life. She wants to keep Damian, but his heart lies with another. Can he come to love Aithinne as much as he loves her own cousin? What is yet to come of Lyonglen and the bairn Aithinne so desires?

Deborah MacGillivray enchants the reader with her historical romance In Her Bed. The characters were described beautifully and easily came to life before my eyes. It is so rare to see a lady take charge in a historical by making the first move on a man, but I found it endearing. This book brought warmth on a cold day with the heated love making scenes and the blossoming love between the characters; and don't forget the twists! I would highly recommend you get your own copy today and curl up with this wonderfully written book. 5 Hearts

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