30 October 2007

5 start review from Merrimon Books for In Her Bed

5+ Stars: An exquisite addition to the medieval historical romance Challon series!, October 29, 2007
D. Merrimon Crawford (Colorado) Merrimon Books.com

Threatened by Edward Longshanks, king of England, and Scottish clans jealous for her lands, Lady Aithinne Ogilvie has come up with a solution to protect herself and her people. With the help of those around her, she will take a man captive and produce an heir. Chained to Aithinne's bed and given a bewitching brew, an old dream haunts Damian St. Giles. Can the woman before him be better than the dream of his youth or a sign of all the trouble before him? Damian may be the cousin of Julian, the mighty Dragon of Challon, but he has certainly met his match in Aithinne! With hair and spirit touched by fairy fire, she schemes and plots in her wonderful heart-warming ways. She will do anything to protect her people...but can she protect her heart from love? When a woman calls on the Auld Ones for assistance, all her secrets, dreams and plans have a way of being answered --- just not quite in the way she imagined! Handsome and dark like a raven, Damian holds a dark secret --- can the firebrand Aithinne and the magic of Beltane bring love to this warrior's heart?

The second book of the Challon series has all the emotional and mystical intensity of the first and yet Deborah MacGillivray has given her readers more --- much more! The addition of minor characters such as Oona and Moffat, reveal even more nuances of the major characters and the medieval world. IN HER BED clearly demonstrates the exquisite breadth of this author's writing style. Here, her narrative technique varies in tone with amazing dexterity, combining humor with the emotional intensity, sensuous descriptive details with dynamic dialogue. The paranormal aspect adds a special delight to this medieval historical romance, realistically creating a background of the medieval world view and literary tradition. Fans of the first book, A RESTLESS KNIGHT will be thrilled to see Tamlyn and Julian appearing here in the second book, not as a mere mention but as an integral part of the story. Deborah MacGillivray brilliantly draws together the pagan and Christian religions through the love of a man and a woman. Readers will fall in love with both the hero and heroine --- and the minor characters as well! A splendid romance! While reading IN HER BED, I found myself laughing, smiling, open-eyed, and even a tear of two of joy at the end.

Each book of the Challon series is exquisite on its own, but together, both form a truly spectacular medieval narrative. Deborah MacGillivray utilizes the medieval forms of the saga and such longer narrative forms as the Arthurian Vulgate cycle yet she revitalizes them for the modern audience, by casting them as romances where love and the woman's viewpoint add exquisite and new insights into the medieval world. With IN HER BED, Deborah MacGillivray enchants romance fans and Medieval enthusiasts alike. As readers, watching this series unfold in the Dragon Challon and the Ogilvie figures, we see the birth of a Medieval legend, being created in today's world.

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