26 October 2007

Author Aysel Arwen's review

Riding the Thunder on the Heels of a Dark Warrior

Shortly after traveling to the west coast for pleasure, business took me to the east coast and more hours of long waits in planes and airports…a perfect setting for relishing Deborah MacGillvray’s delightfully “toe-curling and hand-clapping (no matter where you are)” book Riding The Thunder. Already a card-carrying fan of Invasion of Falgannon Isle, I was completely blown away when I met Jago and Asha because they were so vividly different (and delicious) from their siblings in the Hebrides. MacGillvray has a wonderful ability to intertwine stories, history and locales…but never does she mix or water-down the characters or their eccentric sidekicks..or cats.
Telling this intricately-choreographed tale, with a clock that turned forward and backward on a song, MacGillvray leads you to a perfect ending that wraps up not-so-perfect murder, deceit, revenge and sweet deception that tastes a bit like an iced Pepsi and a chilled Almond Joy. Hey Deborah, when are you going to write Netta and Liam’s story???? (I’m intrigued)
reviewd by Aysel Arwen, author of A Clan Chief, A Dragon and Evelyn

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