15 October 2007

5 Star Review for The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

Invasion of Falgannon Isle by Deborah Macgillivray [mass market paper: Love Spell; December, 2006; $6.99; ISBN: 0505526913; ISBN-13: 9780505526915]
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*****I loved this!, October 14, 2007
Crystal Adkins "www.bookreviewsbycrystal.blog... (Kentucky)

If such a place existed harboring 213 single braw Scotsmen, would you be tempted to travel to Falgannon in search of a husband? The Isle is cursed you see, there is a shortage of marriageable women...or actually truth be told there are no marriageable women on Falgannon besides B.A. Montomerie and she does not count.

B.A. Montgomerie was the only person that could break the curse being held against Falgannon Isle; she just needed a black haired, green eyed Outlander to fall in love with. Montgomeries were a stubborn breed and if one finds love, they'll resort to chaining a man up in their bedroom if it comes down to it. Upon trying to play matchmaker for the single Scots, B.A. finds herself falling in love with the green eyed warlock that came in with the Vikings.
Desmond Mershan had one thing on his mind and that was Revenge, he promised his mother and himself that the Montgomeries would pay for the pain they've caused. Only he had no idea the spell B.A. Montgomerie would weave into his heart could be his downfall. He planned on using her and her body and then taking what was rightfully his, the northern one third of Falgannon Isle. But neither would give in or give up without a fight.

The Curse must be broken before any woman can produce female children. It is all up to B.A. and Desmond to come together in love to save the life of the Falgannonions. When B.A. finds out the truth about Desmond, she still does not give up the hope of everlasting love between them. It takes a tug of war and a kiss of near death to realize, what was in the past should remain and keep your eyes open to the future.

Deborah MacGillivray is a spell weaving author that has the magic to capture the reader's heart from the very start of her book, The Invasion Of Falgannon Isle. Bantering Scots, an over-fed chaperon kitty, and a cup of green goop that'll cure a hangover are but a few hidden treasures inside the cover of a fabulous Historical Romance that will grip your heart. A tear was shed a few times and then a river of tears flowed nearing the end, so when you read this story make sure the tissues are always near by.

Seven sisters waiting love, one has already captured her green eyed man, and from what I can imagine this book is the first in a tantalizing series yet to come. I WILL have those books on my TBR list as soon as they reach the shelves. 5 Hearts to Ms. MacGillivray

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