04 July 2013

strolling on the Courthouse lawn

Candy Thompson ( sister of the late Dawn Thompson) 
and I have have been out and about the past couple weeks.  We walk 3 miles nearly every morning, strolling through our Victorian town caught in the Twilight Zone of time.  In many ways, it's frozen in that period.  We have a lot of modern conveniences on the south side of time, but the North side is in this crystal bubble, preserving it.  On the strolls, we get the pleasure of studying the many Victorian era homes and appreciating the details of the stained glass windows, fish scales siding and wrap-around porches.  Many have porch swings.  I suppose that is what attracted me to settle here after the fire.  I knew this place had "healing" and peace in fiber.  People walk.  We meet a lot of residences moving about early in the morn.  They walk, power-walk, jog or ride bikes.  You even see some pushing baby strollers -- or as we did yesterday, one pushing a baby stroller with a pug dog in it!!!
The Quirkiness of the town is infections.  Everyone seems so happy here, so friendly!
 (me in my pirate's hat photo by Candy)

Anyway -- first stop we did was the Farmers and Artisian Mart on the Courthouse lawn.  We love shopping there and supporting our local craftsmen - and women.  We got Scones from Q&A Treats, Honey from one farmer (makes supermarket honey look pathetic), fresh  eggs, cheeses - Capercaillie for me and Bleu Cheese for hubby), 

and of course I bought a pair of lovely earrings from BT Beads.  Barbara, the owner, makes some of the prettiest earrings I have ever seen.

We have a lovely time, just strolling the old Court House lawn.  There are benches to sit, and just meeting all the people of the town is wonderful experience.


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