21 July 2013

Oldham County Day....what a blast!

Photos of me by Candy Thompson

Today was Oldham County Day - and it was a huge crowd.  We have a parade, a gun fight, musicians, dancers, living manniquins and a cupcake eating contest!!!


This couple were living mannequins.  
They would strike a pose and hold it for the longest time.


The parade was really great - Candy and I had front row seats - my porch!

We  were treated to High Noon and high noon




Candy took second place in the cupcake eating contests!!!



Then we were treated to some lovely dancing

We listed to a rock band, a Celtic band, a folk band, and orchestra, toured the many vendors from the local businesses and watched cars being toward away for parking where they weren't supposed to.

After, lunch at the Irish Rover, we walked home...

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