04 July 2013

Celtic Weekend - Day 2

 (sitting on the back of the steps ready to go to Day 2 of the Celtic Weekend at the Renfaire)
Photo by Candy Thompson

Candy so lovely in blue

Candy with Higgins

Moi with Higgins


At the opening of the gate ceremony - 10 am on each day

Friar Finnegan talking with an archer between sets.

Finnegan with helpers

Fool Hardy with helper Ian

Robert the Bruce being piped in by a lady piper!

the puppet maker
with puppets


a wee sewing faerie caught by my magick camera

the Dragon Wizard (father of the Oakley Faerie, I'm told)
Oakely Faerie waiting to get into the gates on the second day

Robert the Bruce at the Knighting ceremony


the Town Cryer with The Dueling Fools.


my good friend, Angie Greenwell (with the umbrella), with her fellow Gypsies

Angie and Gypsy ladies with The Dueling Fools

Another Marvelous Day Had By All!!

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