16 July 2013

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, now available in Tradesize from Montlake

"Very well. I come, but only to see what happens this night. It shall be interesting, I think. The planets’ alignment speaks of a great occurrence, the ending of an old cycle that began a very long time ago and the start of a new one. You feel it, don’t you?” Brishen picked up a strand of her hair and rubbed it between his fingers. “Gypsies believe red hair brings good luck. You may need it before the clock strikes midnight. He comes for you, lass.”

Raven swallowed the knot in her throat, donning a false face. “Who?”

“Your wolf. He comes, little Raven. My Gypsy blood tells me this.” The blue eyes regarded her with a seriousness that stopped Raven’s laughter from rising in her throat. “I don’t
think anything can stand in his way.”

Raven fingered the cards tucked behind her, and then looked through the glass front of the hall, watching her brothers accost the driver of the expensive black car as he started to get out. He was tall, elegantly dressed in a black tux. Rarely had she seen a man so suited to wear a tuxedo. The evening breeze ruffled his blue-black hair, pushing a couple curls to fall over the high, intelligent forehead. In a casual gesture he brushed them back, and then turned to stare into the front of the building. To look at her. It was silly. The tinted glass has a mirror reflection on the outside, similar to one-way glass. She doubted he could see her. But it felt as if their eyes locked and held. He had predator’s eyes. From this distance it was hard to discern their color, but they had the force, that power to mesmerize. Her heart slowed, then almost squeezed as a breathless sensation hit her. A man who wouldn’t let anything stand in his way.

Yes, she felt it.

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