26 July 2013

New copy of Riding the Thunder!!

This is the new tradesize copy sitting next to original mass market version.
I cannot be more pleased with the quality of the Montlake large size. 
Again, the cover feels like suede and the paper is the brightest white library quality.

Once, before I first saw one of my books in print, my then editor Hilary Sares said I should not be too fussy, and over self-edit, because my book would look different in print than it did on a computer screen.  I truly didn't understand what she meant until I opened that box that contained my author's copies and read my own words inside the book.  Then the light bulb came on!  There was a difference, and I think that difference will have keep people wanting books, not just ebooks.  Oh, I love my Kindle Fire, love the convenience of getting something for instant download.  Still, I don't think I would draw the same satisfaction of having my stories come out in ebook alone.  Print is just magic.  It was magic, it will continue to be magic.  I have tried to explain to other authors that are ebook only what Hilary meant, and I just cannot convey the difference.  It's something an author has to experience, I guess.

I am especially pleased to see Montlake pushing "the series" as a whole and not just each book on their own.  Dorchester tended to publish one book and not really promote the series.  Montlake had gone that extra bit and added at the bottom of the back copy, "This is the Second in the Seven Sisters of Colford Hall series sequel to The Invasion of Falgannon Isle."  Love how they are covering all bases and are so forward looking!

Again, I say thanks for Montlake for the quality of production of my book.

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