04 July 2013

Och, Dancing with Faeries and Kissing Men in Kilts!!

Candy Thompson ready to go to the Celtic Weekend at the Renfaire 
Saturday June 29, 2013.  
We got rained out at the end, but we weathered several small storms to have a great day.  
Candy nearly died from heart failure in January 2012, so to see her looking this beautiful is simply wonderful!

Candy in the King's Hall, enjoying a non-Medieval Diet Coke, with her feathered fan.  Those fans are life savers!!!  When the breeze dies down, you can create your own.  Supplied by the wonderful ladies at

 one of the first booths you see when you enter (on the right).
Same place I bought my masque and chaplet the weekend before.
Prices are very reasonable.

(me with my fan and wearing my chaplet)

I was taught to do a FACEY with my new cell phone by Mia Seitz (Slappy's Wife) from the act Nuttin' But Mud.  And they MEAN that "MUD" part in their act.  I was also photo bombed by Dragon Dave.  Both terrible pictures of me, but all part of the fun.  The fish face close up doesn't flattering anyone, and I was just turning around to see what Dragon Bob was doing when Candy snapped it.  The odd shafts of sunlight coming directly into the camera didn't help.  Maybe that was Dragon Dave's Dragon Dust he talks about in his puppet show.  His show is amazing.  It's geared for little kids, but the adults love it, too.  It's puppets, but so much  more.  It teaches lessons in life and gives you a lot of Medieval history in the process.  That is Dragon Dave with the guitar.

Fool Hearty - a husband and wife team - relaxing between shows
Higgins -- enough said!!

Pirate Leader of the Pub Sing group


"Robert the Bruce" owner of the Renfaire

Friar Finnegan

Ima Nutt and Marquis doing their performance

All in all...a fabulous weekend!!

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