13 July 2013

Final day of the Renfaire - great times and sad farewells

Candy looking marvelous in red!

photo credit - Candy Thompson

Candy taking my pic before the Weather Rock


Dragon Bob of One Upon a Dragon Time met us at the gate

Dragon Bob ready for his show

Dragon Bob and Dragon Dale
Once Upon a Dragon Time

Dragon Dale and Hannah the Hen

Dragon Wizard - telling us about the balance in nature

Captain Amos in stocks

Two Faires serenading Captain Amos

Captain Amos listening to the Faeries

you never know who you shall meet at the Renfaire

Candy looking radiant inside the Great Hall

me with Daniel Higgins - photo taken by Marquis (Mark Reed)

Reigning Jewels - a vendor that makes chain mail out of anodized aluminum.  He and his wife actually live about a mile and half from me.

Ima and Marquis


one of the Briarwood Faeries

Ima, Polkadot and Marquis

Ima working the crowd

Photo Op for Marquis

Marquis eating fire

having lunch in the King's Hall - they have great burgers served by Dr. Who (one of them, at least)


Mia and husband in Nuttin' But Mud - and Mia without mud!

Oakley Faerie talking with the owner of  the Silk 'n Things

Rose Faerie (mother of Oakley Farie)

a great pic of Tara doing her Ima Nutte routine


Ima and Marquis with assistant Ian, counting noses

It was great fun, but greeted with much sadness as we had made so many good friends, ones we will keep in touch with.  Tara adopted Candy as a grandmother, which ticked Candy.  We loved Tara and Mark both, but there were so many wonderful people that we cannot wait until next year.

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