22 November 2013

Help Blind Cats Rescue and Sanctuary - and it doesn't cost you a thing!!

I love kitties...not hard to suss out about me.  I have raised, adopted and loved many cats in my time.  Currently, I have three foundlings that someone dropped in my yard.  All three were half-starved when they found their way to me.  I am blessed by their presence in my life.  So blessed!

There are too many strays, worse, some are horribly treated.  There pitiful darlings have an even harder chance of having a good life or finding a forever home.  There are many shelters doing special needs and helping, but Blind Cats Rescue and Sanctuary in North Carolina touched my heart.

This holiday season while you are shopping on Amazon, there is a way to help Blind Cats Rescue and Sanctuary, and it doesn't cost a thing....

AMAZON SMILES - just name your charity, shop and 5% of your shopping total can be donated by Amazon to your charity.

You can select your character in your accounts settings

Just type in Blind Cats Rescue and Sanctuary and it will come up.  Select that and shop.

or just click on this link


What a great thing for Amazon.com to do!!!

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