20 November 2013

Finding the true holiday spirit

Dawning the line in the sand

1) NO SHOPPING on Thanksgiving. I wish all families would stay home, so others would not be forced to work

2) Boycotting Black Friday - no discounts are worth that madness. I want to LOVE Christmas this year (whatever version you practice), and I think when people say Christmas has lost meaning, or isn't as special as it used to be, it's because of this "Black Friday" greedy grab has undermined the true feeling and spirit of the holidays.

3) Doing Small Shop Saturday. I am spending my shopping money at the small mom and pop owner stores in town. They need help. Wal-mart and Target can get by without my dollars. I want money to go where it matters. You get more special gifts, and you help create jobs locally. Money spent in your town stays in your town. Instead of malls or superstores, I am going to wander the street and shop in our village, see the pretty lights, talk with people and find 
once more what has been missing from the Holiday Season.

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