26 November 2013

Amazon editors pick two of Dawn's books to showcase

Amazon.com editors picked two of Dawn's books - her MacTavish historical.

These two books were special to Dawn's story.  Prisoner of the Flames was the first book she penned after she nearly died in a car accident.  She would wheel the wheelchair that would be her "legs" for the rest of her life to the Patchogue library, and they would find her the research books she needed.  She used to laugh that the book would never be published because the hero's face was scarred, and the heroine was a blind flowergirl.  I can still recall how excited she was when Chris Keeslar bought it on her second MacTavish contract.  She saw the cover, but never had a chance to hold the book in print.  I had to help her sister, Candy, go over the galley and edits to see it to print.

Renegade Riders is a book, Candy and I both think, that Dawn never anticipated putting into print.  It was a Western - not a period Dawn usually wrote in, and this was her first full finished book.  Her father loved Zane Grey Westerns, and I feel she wrote the book as a tribute to the man she loved.  She confided that she knew her father loved her, but he was a direct man and not often given to lavish praise and affection.  I can envision her writing the book just for him.  Dawn made me promise not to forget her, and I wrote to see she isn't forgotten, thus Candy and I went ahead and - with the help of Chris Keeslar - saw the book through production, to allow her fans one more of her wonderful stories.

Again, Candy and I cannot thank Montlake/ Amazon Publishing for keeping books available in Kindle and working to get them into library quality tradesize books.  So this Cyber Monday showcase, allows her many readers the chance to pick up these two titles at 85% off list price.

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