09 November 2013

Candy gets to play Elf...

This summer past, Candy was sitting and watching a mascot for the Woffery - a big spotted dog.  She confessed she had always wanted to be a mascot.   Never had she wanted to be a cheerleader, rather she wanted to be in suit outfit running around having fun.  Candy nearly did in January of 2011.  Since then she's undergone a big turnaround in heath.  Instead of spending her days mostly confined to a wheelchair, she is taking daily walks -4-7 miles.  She's lost a tremendous amount of weight and is just enjoying life so much.  So I ask her, "What is stopping you from being a mascot?"  If that is what she's always wanted to do then - like the Nike ad - just do it.

 The wonderful ladies at Serendipity Cafe and Gifts - Lillian and Becky (owner and daughter) were thrilled with Candy asking.  So far, she's been a witch handing out candy for the village's Halloween and Zombie Walk.

This Friday she was the Serendipity Elf for the Holiday Walkout.  She made her costume, all hand sewn, even the shoe covers.  She got to hand out candy canes and Serendipity card (they stamp the back when you have lunch - 10 lunches and you get a free one).  We soon found out she was giving out more cards than candy!

So, I wish to thank lovely Lillian and Becky for allowing Candy to live out here dearest wish.

The Serendipity Elf will put in more appearances this season 
- Light Up La Grange (December 6th and 7th)
and Shop Small Saturday (November 30th)


Official Elf Wrangler

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