01 October 2019

Facing Dragons

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Today I went in for a biopsy on my jawbone.  Not easy.  Not too bad.  Add in the emotional side of being in the hospital -- same hospital where my husband died just six months ago to the day.  But I faced all the dragons and came through on the other side.  The procedure went well.  They gave me pain pills, but don't really need them.  Dr. Mark Oppenheimer did the procedure.  Of course they send off the tissue growing inside the bone, around a couple teeth and fluid, but it appears to look like non-malignant tumor.  Ameloblastoma is what my dentist, Dr. Winnie Bowling and Dr. Oppenheimer are leaning toward.  If that is the case, then I am lucky.

I will still have to have the tumor removed, a plate put in the jaw, and some plastic surgery, but I feel positive.  And that is a good way to feel.

So knock wood.  Results come back in two weeks, and then they were set up the operations.

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