29 September 2019

life has a way of grabbing you when you least expect it.

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I posted the blog about moving on, letting my friends and reader know I was dealing with the grief of losing my husband, and handling pretty well, I thought.  Never announce your plans or you will hear the gods laugh?  Well, barely two days after that I went to dentist for routine check up.  I missed last year because with nursing my husband during his cancer, cleaning teeth little mattered.

They were going to do whole head x ray, just to update changes.  I could tell when they didn't move on to cleaning, something was wrong.  My regular dentist was off for the day, so I was going to see her new associated.  They kept looking at me with sad worried eyes and saying the dentist would be there to see me in just a few minutes.  Well, my regular dentist came rushing in, still in her gym clothes.  They called her in to break to the news to me.  I have a 8 centimeters lesion inside the front of my jaw.  If I bit down wrong, I would shatter my jawbone.  She personally drove me to the University hospital and stayed with me for 5 hours, why they got all doctors on board and ran the tests.   The doctors kept looking at me and her, like how did I rate my personal dentist holding my hand through all this?  She is just that kind of true lady. (a shout to to Dr. Winnie Boling--you won't find one better!)   I finally sent her home at 5pm to feed the kids and make sure they were fine with the babysitter.  Now how is that for a caring dentist?  She came back and picked me up at 9pm, when all the tests were done.

They will do a biopsy on the lesion Monday.  Two week wait as we wait for results to get back.  Then, I will need the lesion removed, and the jaw rebuilt, as the lesion has destroyed most of my jaw, and about 7 roots of my teeth.  So cut it out, rebuilt my jaw with metal plate and then finally facial reconstruction.  Eazy peazy, eh?

Wish me luck....

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